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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Are Our "Keys To The World" On The Way Out?

So.....  For some time now while your a guest at one of the Disney Parks and staying at a resort, you receive what is called your "Key To The World".  This card gives you access to various different things during your vacation at a Disney Park.  Some of the things that people will list the most about this card and it's benefits are accessing your resort room, and using for your park tickets. 

But it is time for this card to move over for the next innovention of technology that will give us a way to accesss things even easier while on vacation at a Disney Park? 

First let's mention one of the most common complaints about your "Key To The World"...  Your always digging through your bag, taking out your wallet, or even trying to get it out of a Disney Lanyard just to be able to do something like a FastPass, or using your Dinning Plan.  There are times when it's just a pain to keep up with!  So in what way could the Disney Company make it easier for us to do these things?  Well a rumor has sprung up in the last couple of days that our "Key To The World" card will vanish, and be replaced by an RFID Wristband.

I know.... Your asking what exactly is a RFID?  RFID  is Radio Frequency Identification- translation- technology that allows a unique code to be wirelessly be transmitted under close range.

So how does it work? Well the rumor for a Disney RFID Wristband is:
  • The wristband will be used to open your resort door.
  • The wristband will be your ticket into all theme parks.
  • You will be able to use your wristband to charge all your purchases, food, souvenirs, etc.
  • You will be able to use your wristband to gather Fast passes and also Photo passes.
It is also being said in the rumor that you can customize your wristband (for an extra fee of course) with characters, your name, etc...  So what is your opinion on this new possible feature while staying at a Disney Park?  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Do you ask the question "What if I loose my wristband with all my information on it, and someone else uses it"?  What if?  What if? What if?  These are the types of questions and answers that we all have. 

Now I think it's a good idea.  But Disney is going to have to assure me of certain things before I wear one!  We will discuss this newest rumor on WDW After Dark this friday night 8/19/11 at 9pm ET!